Ryan OMG DeadPool

Have you seen the new video going around of Ryan Reynolds voice acting as deadpool?


I am very excited about the “leaked” footage. 

Also, I want to ask what is your most exciting leaked footage or content that has come from this recent Comic Con?  Was it the Avengers? Hulk? Or even the Release dates? Let me know

Familiar Story

Just updating everyone on life as a comic. 

       I recently did some of the best shows of my life in the Mid-West. I have been compiling a solid 40 minute set that I will be recording later in the year. I have been really focusing on stand up a lot more than my other projects. Once I get this recording done I will be creating and producing videos online and scripts for others. I am excited for everyone to see what hard work I have been putting into my so-called art ( I call it art). 

      Anyways, I been wanting to share a story that evolved into a joke. As I mentioned above I have been working hard on writing and racking my brain for ideas. Sadly, this sometimes creates nothing. For example, I woke up with a random text that said “This is teriesta’s mother”  That was all. I thought it was strange and I just didn’t let it go. I wrote a small note about it in my phone. So later I was planning to open for Keith Alberstadt (who I am now a huge fan of, very funny man)  So I decided to add this small idea I had to the show. Once I told it I felt it was a solid bit. After all the months of planning and deep thinking and creating jokes that way. Sometimes you just have to live life and let things happen. Thats where the funny is. 

Here Is The Video: 


First Update

I decided I want to update everyone on the exciting things happening. 

Well, I moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend. I recently did a great show in Sioux Falls,SD and I will be returning there soon I am sure. Everyone was so chill, the crowd bought me drinks and the venue loved my jokes. It was just a cool vibe in general. Enough with all of that smoochy talk.  

I want these updates to really feed into the idea of what I do in comedy and in life. 
SO! With all that said, I think I am going to add a link to me at an open mic. 

I normally stay away from posting open mic stuff with rough jokes or just playing with ideas. I feel this is different. 

The story leading up to this performance is simple. I went to a late open mic for comedy and some people didn’t get the memo that its only for comics. Right before me on the list was a poet, he did great and truly brought up the IQ in the room.  This made me completely rethink my entire set. So I went up and basically “winged it”.

Thank you guys for reading my updates and supporting me. I love you all.